Wholesale Private Label Perfume
Wholesale Private Label Perfume

1 Gallon Private Label Perfume / Body Spray / Room Spray

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Bulk perfume / body spray for private label perfume manufacturing is sold in 1 gallon containers (128 ounces) for easy pouring. Our perfume is made to last on the body. Contains 3 ingredients: perfumers alcohol, fragrance oil and distilled water. We currently stock over 150 different fragrances but can manufacture any scent if larger quantities are needed. This perfume oil requires no additives, just pour in bottle of your choice and label with your brand. Selling your own perfume brand has never been easier. 1 gallon can make more than 42 three ounce perfume bottles. This can be used as room sprays but each fragrance should be tested on light fabrics for staining.

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