Large Wick Centering Tool
Large Wick Centering Tool

Case of 800 Large WHITE Wick Centering Tools - Made in the USA - Free Shipping

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Wick centering tools provide an easy and fast way to center your wicks every time! You will never have to adjust the wick or reheat the top of candles again due to trying to center your wick! Revised Patent Pending®


• Made from rigid and heat resistant nylon 66.


• The wick centering tool sit on top of the container and secures itself on the container by wrapping itself around the outside of the jar. 


• The placement will not interfere with the tops of  your candles.


• Will Hold in place two wicks, has 2 clips for double wick candles. Stays securely attached without shifting.


• Easy to use!  Once candle is dry, remove wick centering tool and trim wick.


Large Fits 3-3/8" diameters:


11 oz. tureen jars

Standard Apothecary Jars

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