Tricks to Make Perfume Oils Scents Last All Day

Posted by on 6/20/2015 to Candle Making Tips

The first step in making the scent from perfume oils last through the day is knowing that perfumes and colognes like moist skin. If your skin is too dry, the perfume or cologne is absorbed rapidly because of the amount of alcohol in it. Keeping your skin moisturized will help it last. Often you can match your perfume or cologne to a lotion or cream to help it keep its staying power. If you don't have a lotion to match, petroleum jelly works just as well and helps lock in the scent.

Your body is also equipped with little heat sensors throughout it called pressure points. These points are filled with blood vessels closer to your skin than any other point and act as little heat conductors. Applying scent to these pressure points will help activate the oils.
Effective pressure points for lasting perfume include:

  • Behind the knees
  • The ankles
  • The bend in your elbow
  • Behind the ears

Spraying your hair with your favorite perfume or cologne is believed to help make the scent last longer. However, if you apply perfume or cologne before you dress, you will probably need to reapply because the cologne or perfume can be wiped away when you put your clothes on. Also, when buying a new perfume, think about the kinds of scents you typically wear; a heavy perfume or cologne will last longer than a lighter scent.
Even after your best efforts to make your perfume or cologne last through the day, you still find that the scent has faded, consider carrying a small bottle of it with you so that you can freshen your perfume or cologne when you notice the scent has dulled. But keep in mind that the perfume may be stronger to others than it is to you, so reapply the scent with a light hand.

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